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This last week I got a call from the Fitness Rangers and was super excited to be able to return to do photos for them.  A few months back, I was introduced to them by folks over at Kidaround Magazine (awesome magazine geared toward families and children – stay tuned for their next issue about Pets and Families!!) when I helped with a project.  So, it turns out that they had some exciting news!  They recently moved into their beautiful new 5000 square foot facility and needed some new photos.  Of course, I was eager to come and see the new digs!

Dana, the Fitness Rangers’ awesome manager, asked me to visit a class to really showcase their cool new bootcamp room.   So, I arrived early to take some shots of the various areas of the gym and their new fancy equipment!  I will be returning soon to check out their pilates room and childcare — yes, CHILDCARE area — so, please check back to see updated photos!

They have a neat little area with television sets and endurance equipment in case you didn’t want to do a class and just wanted to use their facility


They have some fun equipment including kettle bells.



They also have a ton of dumbbells.  They have dumbbells located in their bootcamp room as well as outside of their bootcamp room.  Additionally, they have a large rack right when you walk in with varying weights!



They got these neat squat racks and Olympic lifting platforms against the wall of the front of the gym.  It’s a neat little set up!

They’ve got the Concept 2 rowers as well.  They look harmless, but wait until you get on one and have to try and row 2000 meters as quick as you can.  It’s rather unpleasant.

There were a couple of other fun toys to play with and their awesome bootcampers were kind enough to show me the battle ropes!

They also have this neat little platform training device called the Vertimax.  It’s supposed to help with explosive leg power and speed.  It’s actually kind of neat!  It can be used to help build strength with weightlifting as well.  If there are some trainers out there reading this, you can find out more info about the product here.  This just looks like it would not work out well for someone like me because of my accident prone nature.  I will be returning to their facility again to grab some shots of the finishing touches of the gym and I might see if I can hop on that thing.  I’ll make sure crash mats are available for me — hahahaha!


Kind of awesome, right?????!!!!

Now that the tour was complete, it was time to get down and dirty.  Bootcamp was scheduled to begin.  They have a room dedicated to just bootcamp.  Perhaps I’m not as hip and trendy as I’d like to think I am, but their bootcamp room was different than others I’ve seen.  I’ve been in a traditional gym group exercise room before — you know what I’m talking about — wood floors, mirrors all around and aerobic steps stacked and stored in the corners.  This room was pretty neat!  They do their classes in the dark, but with some colored lighting.  They shut all the doors and air conditioning is available, so they’re recruits (this is what they call their attendees) don’t get too hot.  The room is lined with treadmills in the front, mounted bars in the back, TRX bands, mounted time clock, and some crazy switches for their stereo or lighting system.

They split the group of about 20 up into two groups.  They started their warm up on the treadmill and the two groups would then alternate their positions.

Thereafter, they moved onto their next exercise involving kettlebells.  The interesting thing is while Matt, the trainer of this class, was demonstrating and explaining the exercise, there was no sitting or standing and chit chatting for the next exercise.  Everyone had to be plastered against the wall in a wall sit — kudos, Matt, that is wicked!  I was super glad I had a camera in my hand at that time.

Next circuit:  kettlebells and squats.


After their next exercise they moved onto another circuit.

You might notice that Matt is EVERYWHERE!!!  In your typical group exercise class, you don’t typically get this type of attention.  I thought it was awesome he was able to provide this level of service to the attendees of his class!  I’m no expert or anything, but I think this could be attributed to how the room was set up.  He did an awesome job working with a variety of skill levels!

Their last exercise I thought was super clever!!  After they turned off their treadmills, they put mats behind the treadmills.  Part of this circuit was you had to do pull the treadmill belt toward you a certain number of times and then do sit ups.  It looked crazy hard, but fun.  Obviously, their recruits were having a good time!

Thank you so much to Dana, Adam, Matt, and your fabulous bootcampers for having me in your class!!  You guys are awesome!  Keep up the hard work!

If you’re interested in the Fitness Rangers services, you can visit their website at:

They are located at:  1717 34th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 | phone: (916) 739-1100.

Their hours of operation are:  Mon-Thu: 5:30am-9pm | Fri: 5:30am-7pm  | Sat: 8am-4pm | Sun: 8am-12pm



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